Procedure to Book Free Introduction Call Appointment with Kiran Sagar( if you want to Enroll after Introduction call)

Notes :

  1. Free introduction call duration 5 to 10 Minutes

  2. Our exclusive consultation program is designed to be followed from across the globe. The appointments happen over whatsapp/facetime/ phone as per your convenience for Non residents.

  3. This call is to Introduce or clarify any questions and doubts about the program prior to joining, We don't offer any advice or suggestions or tips on this call.

  4. We will direct you to specific Health Checkup routines at minimal cost prior to joining any of below mentioned programs 

  5. Copy below Details and Fill and send it with your Details to the below mentioned whatsapp number (+919019169276).

    • (Send below details to Whatsapp Number +919019169276 to Book Introduction Call- Do not call just send whatsapp enquiry message, you will get reply within 24 hours,  as most of our clients directly Enroll into the program on this website (we connect them immediately), this Second procedure will take some extra time -We will surely reply to Serious Whatsapp Enquiries)

    1. Name  :

    2. Age, Weight, Height :

    3. Where Do you live (Location or city) :

    4. Have you been doing any physical activity :

      • (If so mention type of activity - Example : Yoga, Sports, Cardio,Walking,Zumba,Yoga,Strength training,Weight Training,Crossfit, Pilates)

    5. What's your Fitness Goal :

      • (To Lose Fat/ To Get Fit/ To Gain Muscle/To learn healthy lifestyle / To build Aesthetic Physique/ To Manage Diabetes/ To Manage  PCOS & Thyroid issues / To become pain free )

    6. Do you have any Injuries or health issues ? :

    7. Are you Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian or Vegan or Eggetarian ? :

    8. Have you gone through Online nutrition Coaching Packages ? : 

      • ( If you know me through kannada videos you must watch this video--> to know complete details about the program)

    9. Which Coaching Package you want to Select :

      •  (Standard Plan 12 Weeks : Rs. 18,000, VIP Plan 16 Weeks : Rs. 29,500 )

  • After this call you will be requested to share details of your email id.

  • We will send you an Email Questionnaire to Enroll into the program ( This email will have basic requirements and details which is needed to prepare your program)

  • Payment Link details will be sent via Questionnaire Email .

  • One you officially Enroll into the program - you will receive your Personalized program 24 Hours by Kiran Sagar. ( By Whatsapp and Email)

  • You will have a 20 Mins Induction Call to Explain Complete program and doubts and questions and You will be provided with My Personal Contact number and whatsapp access for regular communications (Vip plan) and weekly check in (Standard) as per the package scope of work.​


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