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Ladies- Lifting Weight Won't Make you Big & Bulky

You hear it time and again from girls in the gym, when it is suggested to them that they either a) lift weights, or b) increase the weight that they are lifting. "I don't want to do that, because I don't want to look like a man." Many people, including guys, have come to believe that for a girl to lift weights means that she will somehow transform into the stereotype image of the female bodybuilder. This is as far from reality as it can get. Ask any trainer the biggest mistake a woman can make when it comes to staying fit, and they'll almost always tell you the same thing: avoiding the weight room. Due to the fact that women do not, and cannot, naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size) as males do, it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass by merely touching some weights. Unfortunately, the image that may come to your mind is that of professional female bodybuilders. Most of these women, unfortunately, use anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) along with other drugs in order to achieve that high degree of muscularity. Women who conduct weight training without the use of steroids get the firm and fit cellulite-free looking body that you see in most fitness/figure shows these days ! "Women spent decades buying into the myth that if they wanted to be smaller, they needed to do endless amounts of cardio, "The muscles of a strength trainer burn 50% more calories than the muscles of a runner or walker," . That translates to you burning an extra 100 calories per day just by staying alive; over the course of a month, you could lose as much as 1.5 pounds of fat—without dieting

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