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Online Transformation Coaching-How does it work?

If you're looking to really take that next step in changing your lifestyle the Shred-Fix 12 week online coaching will not disappoint and give you that support you need to take your fitness and health to the next level. This is 12 weeks of continual one on one support and guidance to get you that life changing transformation and get the maximum results from your fitness lifestyle. The Shred-Fix 12 week online coaching program has transformed hundreds of lives around the world and may just be the online training structure/support you've been looking for. Shred-Fix specific programs have been built over a number of years for all different shapes & sizes and all body types, they consist of various methods combined together with different structures/volume training along with functional movement patterns that can be built for you to perform in a gym or in the comfort of your own home, depending on your lifestyle or goals. Along with nutrition and exercise advice, you will have a structure to follow to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. 12 week online transformation coaching structures are extremely successful, easy to follow and are taking peoples results to the next level. What you will receive with Sign up of Shred-Fix 12 week online coaching program is: • 12 weeks of continuous weekly support, with fast response and dedication to working with you and motivating you to achieve your fitness goals. • Not 1 but 2 different phases of TUT resistance training regimes • Training advice: Depending on your lifestyle, a regime to follow within a gym, the great outdoors OR the comfort of your own home to work within your current lifestyle which will also include different variations of cardio advice. • Nutrition advice structure: A structure to fit within your lifestyle for you to follow which will include advice on what to eat and when to consume it with PLENTY of options and varieties for happiness to keep you on track. • Supplement advice regime: advice on what supplements to take and when to take them. (optional) GET INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE. Get 1-on-1 online coaching from an expert personal trainer who will personally help you pack on muscle, shed layers of body fat, and get leaner and stronger in just 12 short weeks. 1-ON-1 COACHING FROM A REAL PERSONAL TRAINER. Getting online coaching from elite personal trainers is hands-down the fastest way to radically transform your body and get the kind of jaw-dropping fitness results you’ve always wanted. As a member of Shred-Fix, you’ll be paired with your own certified personal trainer/Certified Nutrition Specialist who will design a custom workout and nutrition plan that’s built completely around YOUR goals. All for a tiny fraction of the price you would pay for ordinary personal training. Note: This is a natural nutrition platform, we do not support or advice to take any brand of supplements or we don’t recommend or we do not advice to take any chemical substances and performance enhancing drugs. Refer to My Clients Gallery for more details on Each transformation stories : Email or directly message me here in Instagram or visit my bio @kiran_physique_dxb for Facebook account details. . 👥 One session of F2F consultation on signing up for Dubai clients. Skype Conference Call for overseas clients ✅ . 🍴 Personalized & Customized Weekly Diet Plan according to your goal in both Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian options – For Fat loss/Muscle Gain ✅ 🏋‍♀⛹‍♀Gym/Home Workout Plans✅. 🍎 Shopping List for Groceries✅ . 📝 Personalized Supplements and Timing to consume the same. With supplements, timing is everything! ✅ . 💬24/7 Instant Message Support-WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook messenger/Email support ✅ . 📞Weekly check-ins, Weekly once call or Skype support and Weekly Diet Plan Adjustments if necessary. Regardless of how often you message me.✅ . 👫 Male/ Female 🏋‍♀ Beginners/Advanced 🌍 World Wide online Coaching Service- Fat loss/Muscle gain✅ Here I encourage you to believe in yourself and understand that your journey is written by you. YOU are in control of everything you want in this life, all you have to do is wake up with a positive attitude, block out the negativity. And just crush your goals, every single day. Never give up on your dreams.

Online Fitness Coaching focuses on educating and empowering clients to take charge of their exercise routine.
Online fitness coaching is perfect for someone who:
  • Is committed to building self motivation

  • Doesn’t know where to start

  • Isn’t getting the results they should be

  • Is concerned about their technique

  • Has trouble sticking to a plan long-term

The key benefits of online coaching are:
  • Accountability – Someone to keep pushing you when normally you’d give up

  • Confidence – Being empowered to feel in control of your fitness level and health

  • Convenient – Workout WHERE you want WHEN you want

Our coaches work with you on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis depending on the support you need. We’ve developed a unique tiered system of accountability that will help you build independence in your fitness routine. Our #1 goals is to help our clients love exercise and feel confident doing it on their own. Online Fitness Coaching is $175 per month and

Executive Fitness Coaching is $275 per month. However, rates reduce as you become more independent and require less coach support. Contact us for specifics.

Cost Comparisons:

In the spectrum of fitness services from Gym Memberships to Group Classes to Personal Training, Online Coaching is going to fall between group classes and personal training.

Gym memberships range from $50 to $100 per month.

  • access to machines

  • sometimes includes classes

  • gym tour offered as a “free fitness assessment”

  • no coaching or training support

Group Classes range from $75 to $180 per month.

  • instructor to help with technique on a mass level

  • group environment to encourage you

  • classes are focused on goals but not individuals

  • dependent on the class and it’s schedule

Online Coaching ranges from $150 $200 per month.

  • personalized program

  • flexible schedule

  • build independence to be self motivated

Personal Training ranges from $200 to $1200+ per month.

  • personalized program

  • 1-on-1 support and motivation

  • usually quickest results

  • dependent on the trainer and their schedule

  • costly long term

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